5-8 (and a bit) months

Just last week, Owen turned eight months old, and I’ve been so negligent with monthly updates.   Nevertheless, better late than never.  The longer I wait, the less I remember.  So what has Owen been up to since I last posted at his 5-month mark?  Lots!


8 months old

So, in no particular order…

His two bottom teeth came in about a week before the six-month mark!  Then, just a few days after he turned 8 months, I noticed a whitish nub on his top gums.  Over the course of the day, that tooth cut through the gums and made its appearance.  It didn’t come easily.  The days and nights leading up to this tooth were more fussy than usual.  In fact, I’m glad the tooth came, because it explained all the fussing!


6 months, 1 week old, sporting those two little chompers

His 6 months stats:

27.4″ long = just over 75th percentile for height; 16 lbs = 25th percentile for weight and 100th percentile for head circumference.  He’s a  long, skinny peanut with a big head!

Owen got his first haircut one day after his six-month mark.  We wanted to get rid of the mullet.  I wouldn’t say that he loved getting his hair cut.  Andy had to hold him because he couldn’t actually sit on the chair by himself.  Two months later, his hair is growing in nicely and it’ll probably be another couple of months before he needs a haircut again.


That’s the mullet we left at the barber shop


“What is she doing to me?! Why are you taking pictures??”

Post haircut

He is on the move in his own unique way.  He has been pushing himself backward, while on his tummy.  Between that and rolling, he manages to get himself almost anywhere he wants.  We’ve found him under coffee tables, under the TV cabinet, and under chairs.  Then, yesterday, he figured out that he can use his toes to push off and propel himself forward.  Today he was doing the army crawl in a desperate attempt to reach his brother’s Duplo.  Those pieces feel so good on his gums!

He managed to get his shoe off his foot and then enjoyed chewing the leather for a bit.

He is wiggly!!  Within the last month or so, he has become difficult to hold in your arms if he is restless or trying to grab something.  You can’t hold him while you’re eating, because he’ll most certainly put his hand in your food or knock it off the table.  The other day, I decided to carry him into the store rather than keeping him in his infant car seat.  I could barely check out because he wanted to grab the debit machine, my wallet, my cards, etc…He could literally jump out of my arms – he is that wiggly.

8 months old!

On the other hand, he can be so cuddly.  He’s the baby who will lean his head into your chest and fall asleep if he’s content.  He’s still a bit of a peanut, so he fits nicely into that spot just under your chin. He’s still a fairly easygoing baby in regards to being away from Mommy.  He lets me get out for my runs and do classes at the Y.  Sometimes he’ll push out his lower lip and cry if a stranger gets too close or too many strangers are in his face and he can’t see me.

7 months…fell asleep in the jumperoo after a particularly gruelling jumping session

Owen does not prefer sitting up yet.  We’ve been practicing for the last month or so, but he mostly resists it.  He doesn’t know what to do with himself while he’s sitting so that frustrates him.  Usually when we try to sit him down, he’ll just arch his back and push against it.  He prefers to be on his tummy, rolling around.  Still, he seems to be at a turning point in this regard.  In the last couple of days, he’s sat up for minutes at a time, before tipping over.

Practicing his sitting at 7 months. “Do we have to do this?!!”

Getting better at 8 months

Sleep is okay.  Our days often begin at 5:30 – 6:30.  Then he’ll often nap after Daniel goes to school, sometime between 9 & 10.  It seems that he’ll nap 2 hrs most days but the times aren’t consistent.  For example, today he decided to wake up at 7 and subsequently didn’t nap till 10:45, but then he slept till 1:30.  Usually he’ll have one to two 30-45 min naps afterward.  Bedtime is 9ish.  He’ll wake and be nursed back to sleep around midnight and then again around 4 a.m.  most nights.  It’s really not too bad, but of course some nights are worse than others.  About two weeks ago, he woke up at 2:30 and wouldn’t settle.  He ended up pooping at 3 and then stayed awake till 5 a.m., right when I needed to get up for  a run!  Ugh!  But then last night, he only woke up once at 2:30 and then was awake for the day at 6:30.  Can’t complain about that!  He is still in the bassinet in our bedroom, since he can’t yet pull himself up.  It’s easiest for me to have him close for feedings.

Napping on the big bed

He’s not that long…he wiggled to the bottom of the bassinet one day during nap time

One of Owen’s classic faces (and yes, he is still a very drooly baby!)

Owen has started solids.  He loves mum mum crackers and started eating those right at six months.  We tried a little baby-led weaning, but I think six months is a tad early for that (or I’m just too impatient).  We ended up trying him on pureed fruits and veggies, since I had a couple of the squeeze containers around the house.  He has loved them all.  We’ve given him little puffs to try and he can get about 50% of them into his mouth from the highchair tray.

Enjoying a mum mum between 6 and 7 months

We continue to love little Owen’s personality.  He is not a demanding baby, but that doesn’t mean he lets you forget about him!  He has a way of squealing to tell us what he wants, and he just loves chatting with you when you make eye contact.  Currently, his “thing” is to grab your face and try to chomp on your chin or any other piece of your face that he can get into his mouth. His brothers are so gentle and helpful when it comes to watching Owen (when I’m in another room) or meeting his needs (like getting him toys).  They love that he is becoming more interactive and they really enjoy watching him do new things.  I am really enjoying 8 months.  Daniel was 8 months old when he joined our family, so now I’ve officially parented three babies from this age onward.  It’s a busy age but so much fun witnessing milestones met and new discoveries made everyday!!

Great artists always paint in their underwear….

From time to time, the boys will beg me to get out the paints.  This time I got the camera out to capture the craziness.  Around here, the boys paint in their underwear.  I’m glad, because it was difficult enough to try and get the paint out of Matthew’s underwear!

“Paint is just for paper??”

Carefully working on painting his volcano with lava inside.

Very focused.

Hard at work.

This little man loves his art.

Daniel watching Matthew doing his “two-handed painting”

Love his focus too.

More Canadiana…

Guess who is playing box lacrosse this spring??

Daddy’s pretty excited because this is kind of “his” sport.  He played varsity field lacrosse at university. As usual, our expectations are not high.  We just hope Daniel enjoys the experience.  At this point, he’s very excited.  With the amazing progress he’s made at hockey school this past year, we look forward to seeing how he does.

5 months

Just a short update on our growing baby…this one is heavier on photos, lighter on words!

Owen is rolling over all the time – log rolls – tummy to back and back to tummy.  That means that we can put him on his floor mat and come back a few minutes later to find him in a different spot than before.

Owen and Grandma

He wants to chew on everything and is getting so much better at holding toys, which makes him happier.  He still gets very frustrated and does a lot of grunting if his toys aren’t “cooperating” with him.  Owen loves to grab my hair and hold on for dear life.  It takes a lot of effort to pry his fingers open to free my hair!  He sucks his fingers from time to time, but it’s not his go-to thing for self-soothing (yet).  Owen is still drooling a lot.  With no bib, he can soak the front of a shirt in 30-45 minutes.  He does not yet have teeth to show for it.

A rare shot of Mommy and O…not that it’s a good one, but hey…

He is still quite happy and smiley…no stranger anxiety yet, although he knows my voice and will get fussy if he hears me and is hungry or tired.

Sleep is still good.  He is starting to go to bed around 7:30/8:00, rather than the previous 9:00.  He will often sleep till 3 or 4 a.m., feed, and then sleep till 5 – 7 a.m., although there are sometimes blips and we’ll have two, but rarely three, wakings a night.  I don’t feel like a zombie, which is how I felt when Matthew was this age, since he was waking 8-10 times per night.  Owen is still sleeping in the co-sleeper in the bassinet.  He is a tummy sleeper and isn’t rolling over in bed yet.  The co-sleeper doesn’t allow for much of that.

He has started to love peekaboo and will laugh, sometimes hysterically, when we get him going.  His laugh is adorable.  He has a big gummy smile that melts us.

He loves the jumperoo!  Owen loves jumping in it and will happily play for 10-20 minutes in it.  I would say that he is my baby who loves it the most.  Daniel and Matthew didn’t love it with the intensity that Owen is showing.  He jumps and jumps while smiling contetntedly.

Owen and Jenana

Matthew at 2 1/2 years old.

It’s about time for an update of our middle child:

On January 31st, he turned 2 1/2 years old

At the beginning of December, we took the plunge and potty trained Matthew.  Owen was six weeks old, and I was feeling like I could manage the challenge.  Andy did the initial training, and we did the same program that Andy did quite successfully with Daniel – the one-day training program.  So, on Saturday, Matthew used up the last of our size 5 diapers (I have since found more!) and we decided that the next day would be “the” day.  Andy and Matthew stayed home from church, and Andy had Matthew drink as much as he could, uninterrupted by phones or screens, and then pee as much as possible, on the potty.  There were a couple of accidents that morning, but he caught on quickly.

Since that day, he’s only had two or three pee accidents and is very comfortable peeing on the toilet or potty.  He sometimes even goes on his own, without telling us.  He loves his Elmo, Tigger and Thomas underwear.  Going poo on the toilet has been a bit more challenging.  At the start, he would hold it in for 3-4 days and the lead-up to pooing was traumatic.  We have had to be very consistent with his consumption of soft fruits – mostly strawberries, mangoes, pears and kiwi – so that he’ll poo more regularly.  Even still, he seems to be an every-other-day kid in that realm.  We try to withhold rice, bananas and cheese when we’re waiting for something to happen, which has made cheese sticks a big treat for Matthew.  When he poos, he gets very excited and exclaims, “I get cheese!”  Overall, I would say that potty training has been a great success.

Matthew has had a tough winter in terms of colds. In the second week of January, he woke up at midnight with croup symptoms.   Andy bundled him up and quickly took him to the hospital where they stayed for almost four hours, waiting for the dexamethasone to treat the croup.  Thankfully the croup symptoms were gone right away, but they left behind a nasty cold – perhaps the worst one Matthew has ever had.  He had two days of fever and it took him over a week to recover from everything.  Then, in the middle of February, he got levelled by another cold and fever.  It’s now taken him another week to recover, and this time, he even woke up one night with a rash.  All of these things have affected his sleep and his general levity.  He’s more impulsive and clingy and that can make for a tired mommy!

Excuse the dirty window, but this is a classic Matthew face, summoning me.

Matthew has stopped napping in the afternoon.  Before potty training, he was napping sporadically but we still had a regular nap routine where he would be in his crib, whether asleep or not, for at least an hour each afternoon.  Then, after he was potty trained, we did the same routine for a few days but soon discovered that he was using that time to poo in his pull-up, whether he slept or not.  So we made a decision to cut out naps entirely.  This decision has mostly been a good one.  We now put both Daniel and Matthew to bed earlier in the evenings, often between 6:30 & 7:15.  Daniel has busy days with school each morning so he needs the extra sleep too.  The only time that having no naps can be an issue is when Matthew is sick and he really needs the extra sleep.  When that happens, he usually falls asleep on the couch, which he’s done a handful of times in the last three months.

A rare couch nap while recovering from a cold.

Fast asleep after Story Hour. Nothing will wake him. He was carried inside from the van to our bed and then to the couch.

He LOVES the iPad and iPhone. His favourite app is Zoo Train.

He continues to love swimming.  When he is healthy, he swims up to three times a week at the Y with Jenana.  He can actually walk in the shallow pool at the Y and he will swim, without trying, when he wants to.  He absolutely loves jumping into the pool on his own and can do it over and over again.  He has totally gotten the hang of the strider bike and cruises around the neighbourhood with his feet up, gliding on the bike, whenever there is no snow on the sidewalks.

He is a mommy’s boy.  When he’s upset or tired, he wants his mom and definitely not Daddy.  If he wakes in the night, he’s get mad if Andy goes to him. That can be very exhausting when he is sick and waking up more than once per night.  Matthew still sleeps in a crib.  We have found that he is happy in his crib.  When I was recovering from my c-section and couldn’t lift Matthew in and out of his crib, we put a step stool beside his crib so he could get in and out himself.  He never took advantage of his ability to get in and out of bed, and it’s only been in the last few weeks that he’s actually started getting out of bed in the night – and only sometimes.  At this point, we think he’s probably ready for a big-boy bed, especially because he sleeps with a lot of “friends” (his name for his stuffies) and he’s running out of room for everything.

Matthew has become very attached to his “friends” and they usually come out when he’s nervous or anxious about something.  We’ve had to bring a bag of his friends (Elmo, Cookie Monster, Fluffy, froggy, Teddy, Pororo, etc…) to Little Lambs at church and to our friends’ house when we visited.  I think Matthew likes to use his animals as a bridge for communication and they also make him feel more secure and comforted.

His speech is really quite good for a 2 1/2 year old.  He has an incredible vocabulary and is pronunciation is great.  He’s already proficient with the “th” blend and can say, “Matthew” clearly.

These brothers are truly best friends. I love that Daniel lets Matthew rest his head on D’s shoulder.

Matthew is showing a keen interest in drawing and creative endeavours.  He loves painting, playing with playdough and drawing, and he sticks with these tasks long after Daniel has been distracted away from them.  He’ll sit and cut little pieces of playdough with our playdough scissors or little pieces of paper with our regular scissors.  Currently he loves drawing little circles and is showing pretty good fine motor skills while using a crayon.  He continues to love puzzles, and we have a pretty big collection of puzzles that he enjoys as well.

He is big on drama.  When he is upset, we sometimes find him, looking in the mirror, perfecting his mad and sad faces.  It’s pretty funny.  Matthew loves dancing and performing.  Recently, he has loved carrying around our toy guitar and microphone to do concerts for us.  He can count to 11 and after that, he continues with 8, 9, 10…We’re working on his colours still, as per his interest.  The colour he recognizes most is red – the colour of his favourite furry friend, Elmo.

As you can tell from the photos, Matthew loves his baby brother.  He demands to hold him a lot, and we’re constantly telling him to stop leaning on Owen’s bouncy chair while he’s sitting in it.  Sometimes we’ll catch Matthew “reading” to Owen or playing doctor, with Owen as his patient. He is a loveable huggable boy who is finding his place as the middle child.  Sometimes he’s upset that he can’t do the things that his older brother and cousin Benny can do – like Active Kids and swimming lessons at the Y or Sunday School at church.

Nevertheless, he’s mostly content with his age and he’ll sometimes even say, “I too little” for Daniel’s activities, without being upset.  Matthew is also fast becoming an amazing playmate to Daniel.  The two of them play amazingly well together, telling jokes, directing their imaginative play (often about bad guys, treasures, or pirates), building things with Lego or just drawing and colouring.  He gets to do lots of things that Daniel never got to do at his age – like using markers, colouring unsupervised (he has drawn on the wall thought), painting, and playing with play dough unsupervised.  He enjoys these activities, they keep him occupied, and I’m way more relaxed about the mess than I was when Daniel was my only child!  On the other hand, he’s 2 1/2 and he talks about zombies, guns, ghosts, and bad guys, thanks to Daniel’s JK classmates.  The second child will never be as innocent as the first!

Matthew is a crazy, hilarious, animated little man.  We love his big personality and everything that he brings to our family.

Owen at 4 months

Another month has quickly passed, and our little man is now four months old.  So, what has he been up to this last month?

  • He’s grown.  At his 4-month appointment, Owen weighed in at 14 lbs 3 oz, which puts him at the 25th percentile for his weight, and he measured 25 3/4 inches, which puts him at the 75th percentile for height.  He’s not a huge baby, but he is content, so we’re pretty sure he’s eating enough.

A bit fuzzy but I finally captured one of his many smiles.

  • He’s stayed calm and relaxed.  Owen is a very predictable baby.  If he’s fussing, I know it’s because he has a dirty diaper, he’s hungry, or he’s tired.  Once I’ve figured out what the issue is, he is chill again.  His fussing isn’t even that loud.

Fell asleep on the activity mat doing tummy time

  • When he’s on his tummy, he has his head up for long periods of time, and he will often just roll over onto his back once he gets tired.  When he’s on his back on his activity mat, he is reaching up to grab his toys and pull them into his mouth.  Owen is also holding some of his easy-to-hold toys and he enjoys chewing on them when he can figure out how to get them into his mouth.

His grasp is getting even better than here. This time was the first time I’d seen him grab something on his activity mat.

  • When sitting in the baby chairs, he tries to turn from back to front.  He can’t do it, but he is very determined.

Trying to turn around in his chair.

  • He has started giggling a bit.  It’s so cute when we find his tickle spots.  It’s not an out-of-control giggle yet.
  • He loves getting his diaper changed, and that usually elicits big smiles.

Almost a month ago, just after he turned 3 months old.

  • He still sleeps like a champion, going to bed at the same time as us (9ish) and usually only waking once for a feed – most often between 4 & 5 but it varies.  We have transferred the co-sleeper to his bassinet, which is beside our bed, so he is no longer in our bed with us.  That has been good for all involved.  In the next month, we will likely have to transfer him from the co-sleeper to just the bassinet.  I’m nervous to change something that works, but I’ll try to take cues from him regarding when he is ready for that change.

Going from front to back

  • He is now wearing 3-6 month clothing.  I’ve sadly packed away the 0-3 month clothing, which I thought we’d never use again! :) This onesie in these pictures keeps appearing, because it’s a new 3-6 month one that I just discovered and is one of the smaller 3-6 month shirts.
  • He still nurses approximately every 2 hours in the daytime.  He’s also a big drooler.  We got through 2-3 bibs per day (or shirts, if I’m not diligent about putting his bib on him.  Part of the reason for his drooling is that he loves sucking his fingers.

  • He is a great communicator.  If you look at him and talk to him, he will make noises back to you while maintaining amazing eye contact.  Owen has also just started gurgling as well, which is very cute.

Exactly 4 months old.

Owen: the second and third months

Although it’s incredibly difficult to find the time to sit down and blog these days, I am going to try and make the time.  I must admit that falling behind on documenting our life has left me overwhelmed and unsure where to begin.  Just this past week, I tidied up a post that had been sitting in my draft folder for two months and finally posted it.  I’m sure that almost no one is following along any more – and who can blame them?!  In any case, I want to document some things for myself, so I think I’ll start in the present and work backward.

Last week, on January 18th, Owen turned 3 months old, and that has stirred my desire to get back to blogging…mostly because his second and third months have kind of blurred together for me.  So, what has he been doing?  Firstly, he’s become an awesome sleeper.  While I know that it’s premature to expect his current sleep patterns to continue, I have been enjoying it while it lasts.  Owen is a really easygoing baby and naps throughout the day when he’s tired.  He’ll nap anywhere and needs minimal intervention to fall asleep.

Six weeks old.

In the evening, after his brothers have gone to bed, Owen sits with Andy and I on the couch while we watch a show and then goes to bed with us, sometime between 9 & 10 p.m.  He still sleeps in the co-sleeper but will likely have to transfer to the bassinet, which is is our bedroom, sometime in the next month since he is outgrowing it.  So, Owen goes to bed with us and then usually wakes up once in the night to nurse.  Generally that happens between 4 and 5 a.m. but that can change; however, he almost never wakes more than once in the night.  He then goes back to sleep quite quickly and usually sleeps till 7-8 a.m.

Two months old.

Owen may be a very chill baby but he does have an intensity when it comes to eye contact.  He will hold our gaze for a very long time!  His focus is incredible.  He is also turning into a smiley baby.  We got our first obvious smiles at 2 1/2 months.  Before that, he just seemed so serious.  Over the last month, our little man has started babbling and cooing when we talk to him.  He loves chatting with his brothers and it really does seem like they’re communicating.

Keeping an eye on Dad – just over 2 months here.

Owen rolled over from front to back a couple of times at seven weeks but after that, he didn’t really seem interested in doing that party trick again.  Then at three months, he did it again but this time with more strength, and I think it kind of surprised him.  He can now lift his head for a minute or so while doing tummy time.

Working hard.

He has found his hands and has started sucking his fist and fingers, especially when he gets tired.  One might say he’s teething, but I hesitate to make that claim too early.  With the sucking has come drool in large amounts.  If we forget to put a bib on him, his shirt usually needs to be changed within a couple of hours.  This past week we bought him an amber necklace so hopefully that will minimize some drool and any discomfort that teething might bring.

Goofy grin

Almost 3 months old.

Look at his blue eyes!

Owen is a wonderful baby who has made an almost seamless transition into our family.  Daniel and Matthew are still very much in love with him, and it seems that feeling is mutual.  Owen is very content to sit in his chair or lay on his activity mat while the boys play beside him.  Matthew is constantly invading Owen’s personal space, but Owen takes it very well.  We have to tell Matthew multiple times a day not to lean on Owen’s chair or touch his face.

Not a particularly great picture but it shows the boys’ obsession with their little brother.

Owen: the first month (flashback to Nov 18th)

On November 18th, Owen turned 1-month old.  I can’t believe how time is flying.  Still, I am truly enjoying this time with our little man.  I don’t know if he’s just an easy baby or if I’m more comfortable with a newborn the second time around.  Plus, we’ve had lots of support these past five weeks, with Jenana here every weekday to help with the big boys from breakfast till mid afternoon and with the many delicious meals that were made for us by friends and family.

Owen is growing even faster than expected.  Our little peanut, who was 6 lbs, 15 oz at birth weighed in at 9 lbs, 12 oz one day before he turned five weeks old!  He is nursing like a champ and giving us lots of dirty diapers to change.  His brothers are still completely enchanted by him and are always eager to hold him, touch him, and talk to him.  Matthew thinks he can carry Owen and often asks me to let him hold Owen while he’s standing.  When he holds Owen while sitting on the couch, he’ll ask Andy or I to leave the room, because he is quite confident he doesn’t need us hovering.  Daniel better understands Owen’s fragility and is so careful and conscientious.

Owen is a grunter.  He makes lots of noise, both awake and asleep.  We have had a couple of nights where he has been pretty noisy, which kept Andy and I awake, but Owen mostly slept through it.  We are never really sure if he is just trying to make a bowel movement, burp or get comfortable.

Nevertheless, he really is a great sleeper as far as babies go.  Sometimes Owen cries in his sleep – a sad little wail that is over quickly but totally breaks my heart…probably because he doesn’t cry that much when he’s awake.  We’ve only had a couple of prolonged crying incidents in the past month and both happened while driving.  He’s not a big fan of being restrained in his car seat, but usually he just falls asleep instead of fighting it.

Now for some pictures:

Halloween 2012

*This post is almost a month overdue but it’s been sitting, half-finished, in my draft folder.  I’m glad to finally finish it.  Now on to Owen’s 1-month post!

Halloween this year was not as built up as past Halloweens.  A few factors made the end of October particularly busy for us.  Firstly, we added a new baby to the family.  Secondly, the weather was dreary and wet for almost two weeks straight, making it difficult to get out and do anything fun.  We missed the local Halloween Happening due to a major rainstorm.  As well, the boys aren’t in library programs this fall, so they didn’t get to go to a costume party there.  Daniel had a Halloween costume party and parade at his school on the 31st, and I had hoped to go, but I wasn’t sure about bringing Owen outside in the miserable weather, so I missed it.

Andy did manage to buy some pumpkins at the local market with Daniel and Matthew.  Although Daniel went on a class trip to a pumpkin farm, we never got to take a family trip to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins.  Two days before Halloween, Andy and Daniel carved our big pumpkin as per Daniel’s request – a Transformer pumpkin.  Matthew watched the carving for about five minutes and then decided playing with his toys would be more fun.  The next day, we roasted the pumpkin seeds and they were delicious.

On the afternoon of Halloween, Andy got home from work by 4 p.m., and we rushed to feed the boys some dinner.  Just after 5 p.m., we piled into the van – Daniel as an elephant, Matthew as a chicken, and Owen as Tigger.  Our first stop was visiting Aunt Wendy at the local library where she was working.  We met Auntie Belle, Adam and Benny there, so that was exciting for the boys.  From there, we all headed over to my parents’ house.  Grandma and Grandpa were excited to see their five grandsons in costume, and the boys were happy to keep filling their trick or treat bags.

Trick or treating at Grandma and Grandpa’s!

Leaving Grandma and Grandpa’s neighbours’ house. I took the picture across the street!

Matthew loved being a chicken and will tell anyone who asks that he was a chicken, and chickens say, “Cock a doodle doo!”

They also visited two of my parents’ neighbours before we piled back into our van to head home and start trick or treating in our neighbourhood.   Back at home, I managed to get a few front porch photos of all three of my boys in costume.  Then I had to get inside and get ready to hand out candy while Andy took the boys  to trick or treat around the neighbourhood.  I struggled to feed Owen and hand out candy simultaneously, which was somewhat frustrating.   Our boys didn’t last as long outside this year, probably due to the cold, wet weather.  They didn’t go to as many houses, but they still managed to get lots of candy…and we still have quite a bit left, even though they partake in a few treats almost daily.  It works well as a bribe to finish dinner each night! :) Still, we need to clear it out before we start our advent calendars next Saturday!!

My handsome little men.

Tigger slept through all of the excitement at just 12 days old!

Daniel, my adorable elephant, was so excited about the pumpkin and lighting the candle inside it.

Baby Owen is here!

Our family grew to three little boys on October 18th.  On that day, Andy and I walked Daniel to school and then walked three more minutes to the local hospital where I checked into day surgery.

Just before we walked to the hospital.

We had to wait a couple of hours before it was our turn, but at 12:10 a.m., Owen James Ian Ball entered the world, all 6 lbs, 15 oz of his little self.  The scheduled c-section went smoothly.  Within minutes of my OB walking into the OR, Owen was out of my tummy.  It was surreal.  He cried immediately, which was a big relief.  On first glance, we thought he was another big baby, not quite as big as Matthew who was 10 lbs 5oz, but big nonetheless.  Obviously we were shocked when he weighed in at a modest weight!  Of course he was born at 38 weeks and 4 days versus Matthew’s 41 weeks 3 days.  My biggest complaint during the surgery was some referred pain in my neck that can happen with a c-section when nerves are cut.  I felt like I’d pulled a muscle doing an intense workout, and it was very uncomfortable.  Once I’d been given some meds, the pain eventually went away in the recovery room.

Soon after his birth, getting checked over by the nurse.

Warming up

Happier in the incubator…initially Owen had some issues getting the mucus out of his lungs.

I can’t believe I had a tiny baby!

Daniel was so eager to meet his baby brother.

Matthew was pretty curious too.

He is an awesome big brother!

I ended up spendingThursday and Friday night in the hospital, recovering with Owen, which wasn’t too bad.  He was an easy baby.  I couldn’t really get in and out of bed but the nurses were wonderful and took great care of both of us.  This hospital obstetrical ward is usually very busy, so we were quite lucky that Owen was one of only 3 babies born on Thursday.  On Friday, no babies were born, and by Friday evening, there was no one in Labour and Delivery, and only two moms and their babies remained in hospital (including us).  It was very quiet!!

Relaxing a little.

Meeting Grandma

Grandpa stopped by to meet Owen after work.

A rare shot of Mommy and Owen.

Peeking at Mommy from his bassinet at the hospital

Heading home on Saturday the 20th

Post c-section recovery had its rough patches initially, but within four or five days, I started feeling more like myself again.  Now, 3 weeks later, I am feeling about 80%…still not ready to run.  I can try that in just over 3 weeks.  I’ve lost 17 of the 30 lbs I gained, and I’m getting some sleep…actually, I can’t really complain about sleep.  Owen is doing incredibly well for a newborn.  He nurses to sleep at 9 p.m. and wakes 2-3 times to feed before 7-8 a.m.  Sometimes he even sleeps for 4 hours in a row.

Two days old, at home. His hair looks blonder here due to the sunlight shining on him.

Thus far Owen is pretty laid-back and he rarely cries for any length of time.  He nurses like a champion and gives us lots of dirty diapers to change.  His brothers love him and want to hug and kiss him all the time.  That was a bit of a challenge to manage when Owen was 10 days old and Matthew had a brief episode of croup (another trip to the ER for dexamethasone) while Daniel was also dealing with a cold.  Still, we got through it and everyone is feeling better right now.  When we brought Owen home from the hospital, Matthew walked into the house with us and said, “Owen, want to play trains with me?”  Life is certainly not dull with three little monkeys!